Personal Loan

You can get up to $15, 000 for your financial needs, with a fixed interest rate starting from 4.40% per year. Calculate your rate using the credit simulator.

Whether it’s time to change your family car, plan your long-awaited vacation, or start renovating your home, a personal loan can always be a great help.

Fixed interest:

  • 4.40% per year if you are a loyal client
  • 6.40% per year – standard interest for first clients
  • Analysis / awarding commission: free
  • Administration fee: $5
  • Early repayment fee: 1% if the remaining repayment period exceeds 1 year or 0.5% if the remaining repayment term is less than 12 months

Maximum amount: $10, 000 for loans contracted in branches, $15, 000 for online loans

Maximum duration: 5 years, minimum duration 2 months

Down Payment/Collateral: no down payment, no collateral

Why choose the personal loan from Post Community Credit Union?

Reduced costs

If you are a loyal member, you’ll get a lower interest rate than the standard one.

Online approval

Fast approval for online payday loans same day, in about 30 minutes, with no hard credit checks.

Extra benefits

You receive a free current account package that includes: a bank account, debit card, and Mobile Banking.

What documents are required for the personal loan?

If you apply online, you get a personal loan with ZERO papers and ZERO trips to the bank. You will complete the online application, you will sign the documents electronically and you will receive the money in your account.

To get a personal loan, the following documents are required:

  • ID card
  • documents proving income. If you are an employee, the income confirmation will be done automatically, by querying the American Taxes database

If you apply in branches, the bank may also consider other types of income for which you must provide supporting documents:

  • income of other family members.
  • income from abroad.
  • income from self-employment.

If you have questions regarding this loan product, contact Post Community Credit Union for more information. Check rates before applying.

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